Fun Program For Making Digital Music


Once upon a time, I used to have almost daily access to Mac computers. My favorite program by far was GarageBand and I absolutely loved playing around with different tracks, experimenting, and ultimately creating my very own music. This was about 5 years ago when I was still in Middle School. Since then I have continued making music, albeit on real physical instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars, and a keyboard. However after recently getting into electronic music (thanks to my younger brother), my musical self started itching for a digital mixing program. Only problem was that I no longer had access to a Mac and was now thoroughly a Windows user. To quench my thirst for electronic music making – enter Mixcraft 5.

Mixcraft 5 (among many other similar programs) has proved to be a great alternative to GarageBand, and works seamlessly with Windows. This program, developed by Acoustica, has countless pre-integrated tracks and instruments, but also allows for communication with a MIDI enabled instrument, microphone, and video devices. The application is user friendly, has an attractive layout, and best of all can be used for both audio and video mixing and editing.

So far I’ve been using the 14 day free trial but already within two days the program has convinced me that an official purchase would be worth the 70-odd dollars that the licensed version costs.

The one song I’ve composed so far you can listen to at . SoundCloud, by the way is a great website which allows users to publish their audio to the web for sharing. At some point, I think I’ll write a post about all the great Cloud-based web services which are currently available.

So, go try out Mixcraft and SoundCloud for yourself, and also take a listen to my composition! Happy music-making and listening!


XKCD Reveals Another Trivial But Entertaining Internet Phenomenon

XKCD is a truly remarkable web comic. It has the right mixture of intellectuality and humor and is a constant delight for those of us seeking witty delights. A very cool feature of each comic is the roll-over fine text which contains sometimes additional layers of wit, and sometimes just downright interesting trivia.

In a recent comic humoring many of our dependencies on Wikipedia to appear knowledgeable and intellectual, the roll-over text also gives this gem of trivia:            ” Wikipedia trivia: if you take any article, click on the first link in the article text not in parentheses or italics, and then repeat, you will eventually end up at ‘Philosophy’. “

Try it out for yourself, it’s quite fun! I was able to  go from Brighton, Iowa to Philosophy after 17 link clicks. I’ve tried this out a few times now, and philosophy somehow always turns up. I wonder what interesting mechanism lies behind this (I doubt it is mere coincidence).

Don’t forget to leave a comment with the starting wiki page and how many clicks you needed to get to philosophy!